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A Small-scale Asymmetric Magnetic Reconnection Observed by NVST
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Magnetic reconnection is an important physical process which results in the reconfiguration of magnetic lines. During this process, magnetic energy is converted into thermal and kinetic energy. Almost all solar eruptive events are related to magnetic reconnection, such as flares, filament eruptions, coronal mass ejections, jets, etc.

Although magnetic reconnection has been studied in numerous erupting events, many open questions remain mysterious, including: How is magnetic reconnection triggered? How does current sheet form? What is the relationship between magnetic reconnection and solar eruptions? Therefore, further observations are still needed to understand them.

Recently, an asymmetric inflow magnetic reconnection between a filament and its surrounding magnetic loops in active region NOAA 12436 on 2015 October 23 has been reported by Dr. XUE Zhike and his cooperators from Yunnan observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The finding was published in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Based mainly on the high-resolution data obtained by the 1-meter New Vacuum Solar Telescope (NVST) at the Fuxian Solar Observatory of Yunnan Observatories, researchers analyzed asymmetric inflow magnetic reconnection in detail. The filament and its surrounding magnetic loops move in the same direction at the same time and then magnetic reconnection occur between them. It is different from classical magnetic reconnection model in which the inflows move in opposite directions, and this observed magnetic reconnection is called asymmetric inflow magnetic reconnection. A current sheet is formed during the reconnection. Finally, a portion of the plasma of the filament is injected into the newly formed magnetic loops in the form of a rotating jet.

 Furthermore, it is found that the plasma in the reconnection site shows redshift feature during magnetic reconnection, which may be related to the complex magnetic topology.



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