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This Chinese telescope team is making a 7,000 m... (2017-05-10)
 Fiber Arrayed Solar Optical Telescope(FASOT),built by a team at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Yunnan bservatory,will travel near 7000 miles from China to the town of Lincoln for 20...
The Mysterious Gamma-ray Emission in Andromeda ... (2017-03-03)
A recent research could possibly indicate mysterious dark matter in neighboring Andromeda galaxy ( M31 ) .The research was led by Dr . HOU Xian , a scientist at Yunnan Observatories ( YNAO ) , Chin...
When does a sunspot's rotation completely reverse? (2016-12-22)
BI Yi and Prof.JIANGYunchun from Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences for the first time reported that the direction of a sunspot's rotation is reversed with several minutes. Their res...
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