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Researchers Discover Triple-layered Leading-edg... (2020-07-28)
On July 22, The Astrophysical Journal Letter published a Magnetohydrodynamical (MHD) numerical study on the coronal mass ejection (CME). Dr. MEI Zhixing in Yunnan Observatories of Chinese Academy o...
New Studies Reveal Inside of the Central Energy... (2020-07-27)
Professor LIN Jun from the Solar Activity and CME Theory group of Yunnan Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences, participated in a study led by Professor CHEN Bin of the New Jersey Institute ...
Scientists Explain Spectral Diversities of Gamm... (2020-07-22)
Gamma-ray burst (GRB) is the violent explosion of celestial object in the universe. Many GRBs have been observed by Fermi Satellite. Prof. MAO Jirong with his colleagues in Yunnan Observatories of ...
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