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Researchers Decode the Diversity of Type II Sup... (2020-09-04)
Recently, Dr. ZHANG Jujia from Yunnan Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his collaborators published the work about Type II supernovae (SNe II) in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astron...
Researchers Reveal Effect of Down-Comptonizatio... (2020-09-02)
Dr. LIU Jieying and Prof. MAO Jirong from Yunnan Observatories utilize the down-Comptonization and find that it significantly decreases the intensity of the X-ray line emission in GRB and the signi...
Researchers Obtain New Orbital Period Cut-off o... (2020-08-20)
Recently, PhD student ZHANG Xudong and Prof. QIAN Shengbang, from Yunnan observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences, obtained a new orbital period cut-off of contact binaries.Monthly Notices of t...
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