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Researchers Develop New Fine Co-Focus Adjustmen... (2024-05-24)
Researchers from Yunnan Observatories have developed a new method for fine co-focus adjustment in the Chinese Giant Solar Telescope (CGST), enhancing its accuracy to ±15μm. The technique employs ...
Study Unveils the Impact of Mergers on Star For... (2024-05-24)
Researchers analysed the dwarf galaxy VCC322’s merger effects, revealing recent, suppressed star formation and suggesting shock-induced gas heating. Comparisons with other dwarf galaxies in the Vi...
Researchers Develop Advanced Model for Deimos' ... (2024-05-17)
Researchers at Yunnan Observatory have developed an advanced dynamical model for Deimos. The model, which incorporates rotational effects, provides deeper insights into the formation and evolution ...
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