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Supra-arcade Fans May be the Region Containing Termination Shocks in Solar Fl... (2019-09-17)
Researchers Get the Distance of the Convective Overshooting Region in Low-mas... (2019-09-17)
Scientists Find Solution to Long-standing "Solar Abundance Problem" (2019-09-05)
How does One Non-Radial Solar Eruption Produce Two Coronal Mass Ejections on ... (2019-08-22)
Inner Structure and Evolutionary Status of SPB Star HD 50230 Precisely Determ... (2019-08-20)
Does the Sun Exhibit Similar Oscillation Behavior on Both Hemispheres? (2019-08-13)
Researchers Observed How the Solar Filaments "fed" (2019-08-13)
Witnessing Small-scale Current Sheet Formation in the Solar Atmosphere (2019-07-11)
Physical and Active Properties of Distant Active Comet K2 were Restricted (2019-06-27)
Yunnan Observatories 40m Radio Telescope used DBBC2 terminal to obtain EVN te... (2019-06-26)
The bremsstrahlung emission for the thermal feature in the GRB 130925A X-Ray ... (2019-06-24)
Why Does the Solar Corona Abnormally Rotate Faster Than the Photosphere? (2019-06-10)
New Evidences for Rastall Gravity Found by Yunnan Observatories (2019-05-31)
Researchers achieve signal reconstruction and probe into active galactic nucl... (2019-05-21)
Rebrightening Classification and a Bright Mini-outburst Ends the 12-Year-Long... (2019-05-15)
The Periodic and Temporal Behaviors of Solar X-Ray Flares in Solar Cycles 23 ... (2019-04-15)
Does Oscillatory Breakout Reconnection Trigger Solar Jet? (2019-04-10)
A Small-scale Oscillatory Magnetic Reconnection Observed by the NVST for the ... (2019-04-08)

Magnetic Field Rearrangement in the Photosphere

Driven by an M5.0 So...

Emerging Magnetic Flux Triggering Filament Eruption and Its Reformation Obser... (2019-04-03)
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