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Researchers Obtained Size of Convective Core for the Hybrid Pulsator CoRoT 100866999
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In the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram, there are a class of pulsators located in the intersection region between the instability strip of δ Scuti stars and that of the γ Dor stars. They are very important and promising objects for the study of the stellar structure, since presence of p- and g-modes allow us to probe properties of the star from the envelope to the core.

On December 26, The Astrophysical Journal published a theoretical study on the hybrid pulsator CoRoT 100866999 in eclipsing binary system. CHEN Xinghao, LI Yan from Yunnan Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences and ZHANG Xiaobin from National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences, determined precisely the size of the convective core of CoRoT 100866999 with asteroseismology.

The researchers constructed a grid of theoretical models with different size of convective core overshooting to reproduce the observed modes. They found that the frequency spectra of CoRoT 100866999 can be well identified with the method of the rotational splitting, and their fundamental parameters determined by asteroseismic fit match well with those obtained from the eclipsing light curve analysis.

Moreover, researchers investigated propagating characters of the oscillation modes inside the star in details. They found that most of the nonradial δ Scuti frequencies behave distinct mixed characters. Those modes have substantial amplitudes near the edge of the convective core and the surface of the star, providing strong constraints on conditions of the deep interior of the star. Finally, they obtained the size of the convective core of CoRoT 100866999 to be 9.3% of the stellar radius.


CHEN Xinghao, Yunnan Observatories, CAS






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