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Observations Reveal Transfer of Twists from a Mini-filament to Large-scale Loops by Magnetic Reconnection
Author: | Update time:2019-12-25           | Print | Close | Text Size: A A A

Solar jets are transient plasma ejections along open or large-scale closed magnetic field lines. Studies of jets are important for coronal heating and solar wind acceleration. High spatial and temporal imaging and spectroscopic observations reveal the untwisting motions of jets. However, their detailed formation mechanism is not clear.

In a recent study published in The Astrophysical Journal, Dr. YANG Liheng, Prof. YAN Xiaoli and other researchers from Yunnan Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences found that an untwisting blowout jet was generated from the magnetic reconnection between the mini-filament (MF) and large-scale active region loops (ARLs).

These results indicate that the twists and material of the MF can be transferred to large-scale ARLs by magnetic reconnection. It suggests that magnetic reconnection in solar eruptions play a key role in energy and material transfer.

Based on high spatial and temporal resolution Hα data from the New Vacuum Solar Telescope, and simultaneous observations from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the researchers present multi-wavelength observations of the blowout jet event occurred in AR 12497 on 2016 February 13.

Many evidences for the magnetic reconnection of the MF and ARLs were provided, including the change of magnetic connectivities, high-temperature hot loops, a cusp structure, plasma blobs in the blowout jet, and the consistency of the chirality of the MF and the jet.

"These results not only help us to understand the formation mechanism of the untwisting jet, but also urge us to further realize the importance of the magnetic reconnection” Yang said.



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